AR Lube Advice From The Experts 1. Slip2000 products works the best, call Ernie at Red Creek Tactical and he will talk your head off about the pros. Also you can call Slip2000. If you get slip2000, get the Value Pack marked 209. 2. Mil-comm TW25B, because that is what Sig uses at the

Survivalism & Prepping: Mil-Comm TW25B grease 1.5 oz tapered tip tube

#MilComm TW25B Grease 8 Oz Plastic Jar TW25B Light Synthetic Grease Is Mil-Comm Products' Original Formula and a

NRA Awards Mil-Comm Products Company Licensing Rights For NRA Gun Care Product Line The Licensed NRA Gun Care System will include MIL-COMM’s all-synthetic, extreme performance lubricant and cleaner formulations, including MIL-COMM’s legendary TW25B Gun Grease; MC2500 Gun Oil and MC25 Cleaner/Degreaser and MC50 Bore Solvent.

TW25B ® - Light Grease Lubricant/Protectant Mil-Comm TW-25B is the official lubricant of SigSauer, and is used or endorsed by more firearms brands and military special forces than any synthetic grease on the ...