Oops: Walmart's 'University of Maryland' t-shirts have wrong state on them Walmart made an "oops" when printing off University of Maryland t-shirts. After seeing the t-shirt at a Walmart in Severn, Md., Samantha Ficco took to Twitter to point out their mistake, saying, "Dear Walmart, I want to inform you that you're selling

Baggy T-Shirts & VS Underwear days are my fav days

RT @GreatDismal: Anyone spotted fake Mossack Fonseca logo t-shirts in the wild yet?

Enter the Gungeon Review – Light ‘Em Up (PS4) Frantically selecting an appropriate weapon comes next, as I unload bullets, arrows, bees, lasers and more than a few t-shirts into the baddies, igniting a volatile firework display that licks the walls of the grimy dungeon. This is bullet hell at its most ...

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