How to find the perfect Sitemap Generator tool It has been 11 years since Google has introduced XML sitemaps. As soon as XML Sitemaps were launched by Google, developers started working to develop software, scripts and plug-in which would help one in creation, submission and management of 

Part 2 of my write up from last week. Created some mockup what a community site could look like. @Brav @Unyshek

RT @ckandersen1997: Learning about how to make a site map and wireframe for my website layout #technology #IM260

Map shows most popular alcoholic drink in New Mexico The site calculated the most popular alcoholic drink in each state gathering data from 700,000 people. And it turns out, 42 states opted for whiskey, including brands Jack Daniels, Fireball, and Jameson.

XML Sitemaps - Official Site Build your Site Map online (XML, ROR, Text, HTML) This website is to let you: Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search ...