Video: How 3-D printers will make magazine-capacity limits obsolete I'll admit to being a rube about 3-D printing technology, and its implications for issues like gun control and other kinds of restrictive laws on devices, so this video from the Washington Post is an eye-opener for me. Travis Lerol builds a receiver

The Anvil, Part 2 - AEV Makeover: Ultimate Expedition Package Our shiny new Rubicon Wrangler had already been outfitted with a Rock Krawler 2.5 X-Factor Stage 1 mid-arm suspension kit and 35-inch ... with a slew of AEV parts. Front and rear AEV bumpers were mandatory, along with a swing-out spare-tire carrier.

Barrett Store - Model 99 Model 99. Questions? Call Us: 615.896.2938 View Cart. ... M99 SPARE PARTS KIT. PRICE: $56.00. RETAIL PRICE: $56.00. MODEL 99/95 RETRO FIT 3 PORT MUZZLE BRAKE KIT.