These soldiers run a massive weed operation to help war veterans with PTSD SANTA CRUZ, California — Laid out on the hospital bed across from him at Joint Base Balad, the man with the destroyed face could easily have been Jake Scallan himself. They did the same job, two years after the Iraq War's troop surge and two years

Bulldog Cases Tactical Drag Bag Rifle Case Extreme Black Nylon 49" BD400

Condor 130 BLACK Sniper Drag Bag Holds 2 Rifle Shoulder Straps 3 External Pouch

Redneck Cadillac: 1997 GMC 3500 Dualie Johnny was luckily able to drag it home and get busy customizing the dilapidated ... A tube crossmember was fabricated and serves as an upper ’bag mount, while Monroe shocks damp everything. A three-link suspension holds the rear end up under the truck ... : BLACKHAWK! Long Gun Drag Bag - Black ... The BLACKHAWK! Long Gun Drag Bag offers a full-opening zipper for shooting mat configuration. The Long Gun Sniper Drag Bag is currently in use with the Special Forces.