Richard Hitch

Improving Your ShotOne idea might be to get you vision checked by an optometrist. You could possibly be near sighted and may be in need of some visual assistance. One thing for sure, you've got to see the target to hit it. Good luck with target practice.
Also if your eyesight is ok, next concentrate on that moving target, your dominant eye should take over and clear things up if you focus correctly. But is still having problems, try closing one eye and focusing to see if you can get a clear sight picture. The first answer is correct, you have to see and distinguish a target to hit it! Have a professional check to see which is your dominent eye.

On another tack....assuming your vision is corrected (or fine to begin with) there are two different approaches depending on the type of sights you're using..

1. Iron sights: Actually the more difficult of the two. You must constantly change your focus between the target at range, and the front sight post (or blade, whatever).

Another opinion:
It's not possible for the human eye to focus at two distances at the same time. With iron sights it's best to keep focus on the front sight. Proper sight alignment is critical, much more critical than the target being in focus. The size of the target, and any different colored center on the target, should both be of appropriate size for the range distance and the sights. Experiment with different targets and you will find some are easier to see than others.

2. Optical Scopes: More difficult to get "Dialed in". Depending on the scope and it's features, you have diopter adjustment at the very rear, range adjustment in front of that, and parallax adjustment at the far end. Not to mention the elevation and windage knobs. Once you get a scope dialed in, mark it, so if anything moves in transport, you can quickly reset the scope.
My recommendations--
A small pin-hole acts as a lens and clears up the view. This is part of the advantage of a pin-hole camera. You could use a peep-sight instead of open iron siges. I knew a older shooter who designed a peep hole device that he attached to his eye-glasses that acted as a pin-hole camera lens and it filtered out the fuzziness.
For target shooting with a pistol using iron sights, it is not necessary to see the target clearly. My recent instructor taught me to focus on the Front Sight and the Rear sight will be a little out of focus and so will the target.

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What do you want to see at Busiek State Forest? 50 and 100-yard shooting lanes. Buechler said limited camping is allowed, but visitors need to obtain a camping permit from the regional MDC office in Springfield. A shooter checks his target at the 50-yard range at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area.

What are some ideas for improving target shooting if the ... ... > What are some ideas for improving target shooting if the target is blurred for the shooter? ... are some ideas for improving target shooting if the target is ...